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Why Use Promo MRKT?

Easy & Free Quotes

Finding numerous suppliers and comparing pricing from each takes a massive amount of time and effort. Promo MRKT brings those suppliers together in one place to compete for you business. This open marketplace allows everyone an honest view into what rates are being offered.

Safe & Secure Payments

Ordering through Promo MRKT allows you to safely and easily pay your supplier, as we only release payment once the order is delivered. This ensures the goods are delivered to the buyer in a timely manner, but also protects the supplier from payment issues or charge-backs.

No Commitment

Shop rates on Promo MRKT with no obligation to accept a bid. There is absolutely no charge for creating or cancelling a listing.

User Rating System

After every transaction, we encourage you to rate your experience based on order quality, timeliness and price. This does not only help other buyers find the best supplier for their needs, but also helps suppliers that have shown great service to enhance their reputation.

Message Center

Communicate directly with other users to confirm details or draw more suppliers to place bids on your listings.

Buy & Supply With One Account

When you sign up with Promo MRKT your account is enabled to act as both a Buyer and a Supplier. This is especially helpful for suppliers looking to source products that are either outside of their expertise or beyond their equipment capabilites.

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Account Information

Create an account

Simply hit the "Log In" button on the top-right corner of the home page, then click "Sign up here" on the left side of the page and fill out the form. If you have tried the above steps and still encounter issues please follow this link https://www.promomrkt.com/registration/

Change password

To change your password click the "My Dashboard" button on the top menu bar. The "Change password" button is located directly under your general account information toward the left side of the page.

Connect with Stripe

After you've signed up for Promo MRKT you must connect your account with Stripe in order to get paid. To connect with Stripe go to My Dashboard, click the "Connect with Stripe" button and follow the Stripe instructions. This is how you will withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account. Note that if you are not supplying products you do not require a Stripe account.

Edit account or profile information

If you need to change any information about your account like email, phone, address etc. you must click the "Gear" icon in My Dashboard. This is also where you will be able to Deactivate your account.

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Platform Tools

Make a listing

From the home page click the "Get started" button, which takes you to the all listings page. From there, click "Create listing" at the top right corner and fill out the listing information. Tip: Graphic Size is the size of the design print and not the overall product size.

Bid on a listing

Once you've found the listing you would like to bid on click "Make a bid" under the bid overview. Input the cost per unit, quantity and shipment date. Additional fees are any extra costs associated with production. Shipping fees, low quantity set up fees and/or design fees are typically entered here. Tip: Bids with sample pictures and detailed descriptions have a greater chance of being accepted.

Track a shipment

Click the "My Dashboard" button at the top of the page then select the order you would like to track. Once on the listing order page open the completed bid and click "Track Shipment" to see the status of your shipment.

Ask and answer questions on listings

A Listing Question section, at the bottom of every listing, allows suppliers to communicate with the buyer directly and ask further questions regarding the listing. Listing questions and answers will be displayed publicly to keep other suppliers informed and reduce the amount of duplicate questions.

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Bidding & Listing Tips

Logo files

When creating a listing make sure you add high resolution and/or vector logo files to avoid additional design costs. Be sure to add any relevant files, product sample pictures as well, to help suppliers understand your needs.

Listing/Bid Descriptions

Adding as much information as possible will help you receive more supplier bids on your listing. At the same time, supplier Bid descriptions should be as detailed as possible and include sample images to increase the chance of being accepted.


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